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Skills Assessment and Individualized Program

New students are evaluated using an individualized diagnostic assessment. A personalized program is then tailored to the student's unique needs. This allows the student to start instruction at any time. Students begin at a level right for them and the program gradually brings them up to speed.


Homework Support

Learning is not only an individual enterprise, and not all learning takes place in the classroom. The San Diego Learning Center offers homework help so students can continue guided learning during afterschool hours. With assistance from tutors knowledgeable in a variety of subject areas, students ensure their assignments are completed promptly and properly. The learning that goes on inside school is reinforced during tutoring sessions so students can return to the classroom with a better understanding of the material, stronger grasp of key concepts, greater skill proficiency and the increased confidence necessary to boost academic performance.


Student Experience

At the San Diego Learning Center we believe education is the key to the future. We know how important it is for children to live up to their potential. The world is changing rapidly, and our children must be able to the meet the challenges the future will bring. Children and adults alike not only need to develop critical thinking skills to succeed in the technologically advanced, fast-paced world of today. Students of all ages also need to practice the problem-solving that will prepare them for the world of tomorrow. When students attend the San Diego Learning Center, they not only learn skills. They learn how to learn!



At the San Diego Learning Center we offer flexible pricing. Cost will vary and is based on specific needs and academic goals. The amount you pay is dependent on what program(s) the student is enrolled in, length of program, hourly instruction and a payment schedule best suited to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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