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Programs Offered

EARLY READING - This program is designed for the beginning reader and targets phonemic awareness, decoding and word recognition, vocabulary development and comprehension skills. Students learn in a multi-sensory, print-rich environment that combines the strongest elements of both whole language and phonics programs.

READING FOUNDATIONS - The Reading Foundations program provides explicit instruction on core vocabulary and comprehension skills and then progresses on to advanced critical thinking. Skills are addressed individually, practiced and then applied. Students in the program read through and respond to a variety of fictional and non-fiction texts.

ELEMENTS OF WRITING - The Elements of Writing program focuses on developing and improving mechanics of writing and composition skills. Students demonstrate their command of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling while they learn the process of writing and work on a variety of essay topics.

ENRICHED MATH - Enriched Math is a fundamental math program designed to develop strong conceptual knowledge, computation skills and problem-solving abilities. The curriculum covers all basic material through the eighth grade level.

MATH SKILLS - This broad-based mathematics program offers students the opportunity to specialize and receive supplemental education in the following areas:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • All Integrated Math [IM] levels
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

The program helps students master skills and concepts in their chosen area of mathematics study. Program objectives are aligned with the California Mathematics Content Standards

TEST PREP - Preparation for a variety of tests: SAT, ACT, GED, High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), Catholic High School Entrance Exam (HSPT), Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Students in the program work through sample test questions and take practice tests that closely mirror what they can expect on examination day. Our tutors work through test-related problems with students, and students receive instruction on test-taking strategies they can put into practice on our sample exams.

HOMEWORK SUPPORT - Students enrolled in this program are able to work on homework with tutors who provide assistance in virtually all subject areas. Students sit with tutors who are specialists in the subjects they need assistance with. Tutors provide guided help and explanation with the goals of helping students understand the assigned material and complete assignments on time.

STUDY SKILLS - The Study Skills Program focuses on organization and time management skills, note-taking strategies, and test-taking strategies. Students are able to identify their personal learning styles, maintain organization, take effective notes in class, and improve reading comprehension and speed. The Study Skills Program helps students become independent and accountable towards their own learning.

GED - SDLC's GED program is designed to give a struggling student the skills necessary to pass the GED. Reading Comprehension, General Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Grammar and Writing are all covered with test taking skills emphasized every step of the way. This program will help you or your struggling student get over the stumbling blocks which lay on the road to success.

EPT/ELM - If your child is required to take the EPT and/or ELM test upon entering a California State University (CSU), SDLC can help your child prepare. Our program is designed to cover important areas to make sure your child is placed in the correct level. We cover proper use of English and all areas of math as well as writing and test-taking skills.

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